About Jenny

hello there!

My name is Jenny.

Mother of two and maker of warmth.

The past few years have been a whirlwind. Buying a homestead with my partner, having two children and perfecting Lily Lake as a brand into what I had envisioned since opening 5 years ago.

I have always had knits around while growing up, as my mother and grandmother were both knitters. However, It wasn’t until I had travelled to Scotland to visit family that my love and fascination for knitting and fiber really blossomed.

Having dipped my feet in everything from Fashion Design and Textile Studies to Sewing and Dressmaking, I can easily say, it is an obsession to craft knitted garments of any and all types.

I am drawn to the romantic tales that detailed cable work can tell, having been inspired by folklore tales in Scottish history. I am determined to create pieces that will tell a story. Every stitch holding traditional significance. To create pieces that will be cherished, and when the time comes, a piece that can withstand generations and be passed on to loved ones to be cherished once more.